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March 30, 2012
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Earthbound Bookmark by BrendanCorris Earthbound Bookmark by BrendanCorris
The next in my series of gaming bookmarks. I love the Mother games, so here's one of Earthbound. I originally wanted Master Belch in here but he would have taken up too much space horizontally so I replaced him with Frank. Not a bad replacement though, since I've been looking for an excuse to draw Frank for a while (as I have for Belch), and Frank was super fun to draw. The characters are -
PICKY - The youngest son of Aloysious and Lardna Minch, Picky may be younger than his big brother, Porky, but he's a hell of a lot smarter and more mature.
PORKY - The older Minch boy and future evil mastermind, Porky starts as a detestable fat prankster in Onett, and over the length of the game becomes a corporate big shot and even a time-traveling, evil, manipulating super power. Porky is one of the greatest villains ever in my mind. Itoi did such a good job of making the most despicable and messed-up character ever. That will teach you to make fun of the fat kid.
NESS - The star of the game and Earth's chosen hero. Though not really developed character-wise, Ness is still an awesome character, and at least he found the proper attention due to Smash Bros.
PAULA - Ness' adorable little girlfriend. Paula's pretty awesome, especially since she's basically the one who wins the final battle. All of Ness' moves on Smash Bros. are ACTUALLY her's and Poo's.
JEFF - What's a crew without a wussy nerd? Unfortunately, this guy usually comes up as the weakest link in major battles.
POO - What crew also is complete without a badass warrior who's mastered kung fu? Well, Prince Poo's also super strong magically, with awesome PSI attacks like Star Storm. Poo's also won the hearts of every girl in Dalaam. Unfortunately he spends most of the game not with you. This guy's so tough, weapons and armor can only make him worse!
FRANK - Frank Fly, the head of Onett's street gang, the Sharks. I intended to draw pinstripes on his suit but forgot to when I was coloring him. Oh well. I still want to draw all the sharks with him. Maybe some other time. I love how this guy's hair looks like a shark fin.

look forward to a Mother 3 Bookmark, next.
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BrendanCorris Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
Well, it would be a little more than impossible to make him fit in nicely in this bookmark, being that in EB he's just a blurry vortex of red and black.
murphase2 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
Poor Giygas is nowhere to be found
DiegoX5 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Student General Artist
:happybounce: Mabelpines Heart 
BrendanCorris Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Yeah, I thought the whole picture resembled the early parts of the game and Frank fit in just right. I also just wanted to draw him, and very few people seem to do so.
Nerdy-Viking Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just started to play Earthbound for the first time and I can totally see how this is often sited as being one of the best RPGs ever made. Great humor, art, story telling and gameplay. I'm surprised you included Frank in the picture and not King or even maybe Giygas
Pikalopez1 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I do agree with you 100%. I never meant to say that starfox 64 or alot of the classic video games are bad games. I meant to prove that there are flaws that people overlook in a video game. Video games do have a way to be a unique form of high art,and that is choice.Unlike movies where you don't choose what happens,it's finished when it's finished and you acknowledge it from there,video games let you choose different paths showing you the different outcomes of those choices.For example,starfox64 is a classic because of the different outcomes from the different routes you take.Another example is Fire emblem. when you plan out a strategy you also have to make sure none of you members die,because if they die they die and you never see them again in the future because of your choices.And the nintendo hero's that have been around since the 80's are considered high art characters as well.Mario,link,donkey kong,and Samus are like the DC/Marvel characters because of the many reincarnations they have. Told from different points of view's while being the center of the story. And look at the comic book hero's now,people are now arguing that hero's like Superman,Wolverine,Spiderman,Batman,etc. are the new greek myths. And I kinda take it back on saying star fox assault is better than starfox 64. I realized that starfox assult is kinda like Metroid other M. Both try to be complex while still being predictable,I consider Assault a guilty pleasure for me. while some games don't have that much choice outcomes,they can make it up by being a visual marvel,having a impacting concept,and like you said a groundbreaking soundtrack. For example,Shadow of colossus is about a traveler name Wander who travels to a forbidden land to bring his love interest back to life by killing 16 colossi,not know that doing so will bring an evil demon back from the dead called Dormin. The music is groundbreaking,the graphics still hold up to this day,the gameplay is easy to control,and the story is so much of an impact you would think it should be a movie(and the game did get a movie deal and is in production right now.) There are Gamer's out there that still believe gameplay make the games(I'm on that boat too),but we still would like a lot of character and story development. We're not saying we want the story and character development more than the gameplay(if we did we would watch movies),we just want more out of video games.
BrendanCorris Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
I can't agree with all of that. I don't feel character developement is the only thing that makes something "art", especially when it comes to videogames. At their core, games are supposed to be exactly what they are called - games, and using beautifully fluent gameplay, clever, mind-bending tricks and puzzles, original and intriguing graphics and a catchy, powerful soundtrack make up more of the art of video games in my mind rather than story or characters. The characters were originally only added to make the games more appealing, memorable, and as a better way to identify yourself and everything else in the game. Giving major plots with twists ad developement was originally a unique bonus introduced by games like Ninja Gaiden. Starfox 64 was more of a revamp of the original SNES game, with the split paths, same allies, same villain, some of the same territories, and basic control. However, what it really comes down to is a remake of the unreleased Starfox 2 for SNES. I played this game on rom before ever realizing it was an unreleased beta, but this was the true game that introduced Star Wolf, grounded machines, and many other aspects that would later be used in the franchise. I haven't played any post 64 Starfox titles except a really horrible DS one (couldn't play it for more than 15 minutes, the controls were possibly the worst ever in a video game) so I can't judge them too hard, but everybody says they concentrate a lot on character developement. I personally feel this is unnecesary in a game like Starfox, as it's just supposed to be fast-paced action. The games were never long and they had enough background to keep you interested. I feel that with simple things like the things characters say and their voices developed the characters in 64 far better than people give it credit for. Sometimes, a character can be established without being beaten into your head with long, out of place cutscenes. That was the biggest problem with Sonic Colours if you ask me, they put huge cutscenes inbetween every stage just ruining the fast simplicity of classic Sonic. While I've always considered trying Assault, since it's actually in the classic format and not some weird dinosaur adventure (Nintendo butchering Rare's original title and morphing/stealing their character, Krystal, will never stop being annoying to me), but it also just sounds like the forced character developement and love triangles and other overly-dramatic factors would kill the simplistic beauty of Star Fox. There is obvious inspiration from Star Wars in Starfox with Wolf being like Boba Fet and Falco being like Han Solo, but I feel the biggest inspiration had to be Bucky O'Hare. As for Metroid, I think developing the characters would kill the game as well. The original concept for metroid, the thing that made it a work of art, was how they made the player feel like they were lost all by themselves in a dark, strange, alien land with little hope, so they had to brave it and get stronger over time. Super Metroid did this perfectly with its eerie music, dark settings, perplexing puzzles and mind-boggling creatures. I feel a common mistake with gamers these days is that they all feel story or character developement is more important than it really is. These aren't books after all, they are games, and some of the most artistically stunning games are some of the earliest. I feel judging a game's artistic worth on one simple factor that doesn't really even matter to the genre is a very closed-minded way to critique games.
Pikalopez1 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've never played or had interest in Tekken. Everything was better when your a kid,until 20 years later you learn that there's a strong chance that some things don't hold up the way how you remember them or some things really hold up way better than you remembered. for example,I remembered watching some Darkwing duck when I was probably 4,and watching it now,it a bit better than I remembered. One of the first games I ever played was Starfox 64,and I still remembered having a hard time beating the second boss. Years later I forgot about it until I played the demo in super smash bros brawl. Then I heard people say Starfox 64 is way better than starfox assault(one of my personal favorite gamecube games).I wanted to buy it on virtual console but I didn't have wi fi,then when I heard that they are remaking it for the 3DS I was excited. I went to gamestop,bought a 3DS with my graduation money,bought starfox 64 3D,waited for the 3DS to be done charging,put the game in,played it for 3 hours and....(your gonna hate me for this) Is it bad to say that I think this game is a little overrated? Don't get me wrong I don't think it's a bad game,far from it. I don't even dislike it. I think it has good gameplay,the different paths you take take you to new planets is awesome,Andross is a lot of fun,the music's one of my favorites,but saying its better than starfox assault is going a bit too far. Why because of character development and the choice between the land master and arwing. But I'm focusing on the character development. For example,in 64 Peppy hare just says do a barrel roll,in Assault he's given an actual personality. You could say,that's not the original Peppy hare. But I'll say,yeah,there was a lot to work with like do a barrel roll,friend of foxes father,that's it. Andross was the only character I liked because there was a lot to work with. Andross is an evil scientist wanting vengance for his exile. and while your fighting him it's fun because you could tell he's having fun trying to kill you. Wolf O Donnell is just the bobba fett of starfox,a hired bounty hunter with little personality. In Assault Wolf and his team have more personality because your seeing them doing more than in 64. In 64 they're in 3 levels,in assault they are in almost the whole game. Sometimes I wonder if people like retro characters having no personality. If they don't have personality then how are you gonna prove that video games are a form of art. You can't just have good gameplay and graphics,you also need to have a good developed story and good developed characters. I could understand why many people hate other M, but I give them a point for trying to give Samus character development,even though it's probably bad development. And by comparing the Disney Villains and Nintendo villains you could see why people like the Disney villains more than Nintendo villains. For example, Captain Hook is a great villain because he wants to kill peter pan for cutting his hand off and feeding it to the crocodile(making you think that maybe peter pan is the bad guy). King K. Rool gives no reason why he steals the banannas. Rarware said its either because he likes banannas or he wants them to starve to death. And in a later game he confirmed he hate banannas. Now I just see him as a weak villain. Even seeing him fight as a pirate,a mad scientist,and a boxer just made him more dumb silly. If you still like him good for you. I just have different tastes is all.
BrendanCorris Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
The newer MK is too similar to the fighting style of Tekken, a game I've never liked. Tekken is the complete opposite of SSB. While Smash has simple moves and controls but complex fighting with infinite possibilities, Tekken as overly complex moves lists and controls with very simple game play - all you really need to do to win in Tekken in press buttons at random. The new MK, while not as heavy on the extended move and combo lists as Tekken, still focuses on that too much and kills the classic style. Aside from the huge combo lists, I thought the game just played like a much better version of the SNES and Genesis titles, but when I discovered the Tekken-esque move and combo lists I realized that this simple game was trying too hard to be complex and I lost interest. MK, although never really a good game as far as gameplay goes, will always have a special nostalgic spot in me, though. Growing up in the 90s we all played the hell out of those games, even though they did suck, just because of the cheesy violence.
Pikalopez1 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've played some mortal kombat. It's not my thing. I could see why people like it,cool moves,character development,and fatalities,but it's just crazy button mashing with strategy. Maybe it's because I'm too use to the smash bros. fighting style.
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