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March 30, 2012
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Earthbound Bookmark by BrendanCorris Earthbound Bookmark by BrendanCorris
The next in my series of gaming bookmarks. I love the Mother games, so here's one of Earthbound. I originally wanted Master Belch in here but he would have taken up too much space horizontally so I replaced him with Frank. Not a bad replacement though, since I've been looking for an excuse to draw Frank for a while (as I have for Belch), and Frank was super fun to draw. The characters are -
PICKY - The youngest son of Aloysious and Lardna Minch, Picky may be younger than his big brother, Porky, but he's a hell of a lot smarter and more mature.
PORKY - The older Minch boy and future evil mastermind, Porky starts as a detestable fat prankster in Onett, and over the length of the game becomes a corporate big shot and even a time-traveling, evil, manipulating super power. Porky is one of the greatest villains ever in my mind. Itoi did such a good job of making the most despicable and messed-up character ever. That will teach you to make fun of the fat kid.
NESS - The star of the game and Earth's chosen hero. Though not really developed character-wise, Ness is still an awesome character, and at least he found the proper attention due to Smash Bros.
PAULA - Ness' adorable little girlfriend. Paula's pretty awesome, especially since she's basically the one who wins the final battle. All of Ness' moves on Smash Bros. are ACTUALLY her's and Poo's.
JEFF - What's a crew without a wussy nerd? Unfortunately, this guy usually comes up as the weakest link in major battles.
POO - What crew also is complete without a badass warrior who's mastered kung fu? Well, Prince Poo's also super strong magically, with awesome PSI attacks like Star Storm. Poo's also won the hearts of every girl in Dalaam. Unfortunately he spends most of the game not with you. This guy's so tough, weapons and armor can only make him worse!
FRANK - Frank Fly, the head of Onett's street gang, the Sharks. I intended to draw pinstripes on his suit but forgot to when I was coloring him. Oh well. I still want to draw all the sharks with him. Maybe some other time. I love how this guy's hair looks like a shark fin.

look forward to a Mother 3 Bookmark, next.
Dood, this particular style just seems so fitting for this game. It has a spark of humor in the anatomy that reminds me kinda of caricatures from the stark exaggeration on several features, depending on the character .i.e. Picky's pants, Frank Fly's poise, Paula's timid facial expression. Thee lineart radiates confidence, if that has any sorta rationality to it. It's sharp 'nd bold but the light colors filling inside it make it so inviting~~.

'Tis amazing how 'ze checkerboard-like background doesn't detract at all from the attention of the characters, yet still noticeable enough to add a comlimentary presence to everyone. I also view it as a homage towards the funky awesome-tastic backdrops Earthbound has itself, y'know, dood? Although I am an avid anime fan, oi (I) personally see EB having a cartoony twist, and this precise mimics that perspective!

SPECTACULAROSIS WORK. I wanna buy thissss. :iconunassuming-local-guy:
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Cherubas Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the way you colored it.
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