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My Best of 2013

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Here's, what I feel, is my best work of 2013. I drew very little this year, and I'm generally not very pleased with my work, but here's the best of it. (Very "mature" works not included).

Random from My Best of 2012

These are, I feel, the best drawings I did in 2012. I'm generally pretty pleased with this past year, though I wish I could have gotten more done.


Larry Koopa Cycle by HoekKadoogen

This, simply put, is amazing. I didn’t expect it to be animated when I first clicked it. The movement is incredibly fluent. This piece ...

My Best of 2010


These are my faorite works from the past year. Though the popular statistics may disagree a bit, I believe these are my greatest drawings of 2010 and/or the ones I like the most. It's been a year packed with a lot of art, and I thank everyone who favorited, commented, and supported my artwork this past year. I had a lot of fun drawing all these pictures, and I am very pleased with the progressive direction my art has headed in the year of 2010.

Random from 2011

Here are all of my works of 2011. It was hard for me to pick my favorites being that most of them were huge collections, so I just threw em all in here. Enjoy.


Here's just a look at my ever-growing collection of NES fanart I've been working on for a year and change on and off. This is my little ode to the greatest gaming console of all time, and some of my proudest work in my gallery.
Super Mario Bros. by BrendanCorrisNinja Gaiden by BrendanCorrisLittle Mac vs. Mike Tyson by BrendanCorrisCastlevania by BrendanCorrisBubble Bobble by BrendanCorrisContra by BrendanCorrisSnake Rattle n Roll by BrendanCorrisDonkey Kong by BrendanCorrisBonk and Za by BrendanCorrisLink Saves Hyrule... by BrendanCorrisNinja Gaiden II by BrendanCorrisThe Koopa Kids by BrendanCorrisThe Adventures of Lolo by BrendanCorrisThe Dark Queen by BrendanCorrisNinja Gaiden III by BrendanCorrisRumble in the Doom Ship by BrendanCorris


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Brendan Corris
United States
I'm a cartoonist who makes generally comedic comics and more. I've worked a lot on comics and creations over the years and am hoping to get my work out there. Check out my art blog at theblogofbrendancorris.blogspo….
I love video games and pretty much anything 80s - music, movies, TV, cartoons, toys, fashions, videogames, etc.

Things to know before checking out my gallery? I draw a lot of ugly/twisted designs. If that kind of style bothers you, then don't look. I also don't really hold back on mature/questionably offensive material of some kinds. If you are easily offended, don't look at my stuff.

Current Residence: Red Bank NJ - it's a toilet
Favourite genre of music: 80's pop and new wave
Favourite style of art: Demented cartoons
MP3 player of choice: iTunes/iPod - yeah, I'm a tool, though I kind of hate my Nano
Wallpaper of choice: Always varying but always something I drew. I love my own crap.
Favourite cartoon character: My characters... other people's characters?... I guess Taffy from Clayfighter. He's crazy.
I picked up the disc version of this gem on Monday, and it didn't disappoint. Although the NES Duck Tales game is understandably one of the timeless classics for most 80's/90's kids, it happened to be a game I never played during my childhood. I mostly liked games that weren't based on outside source material, as those games usually disappointed me, but little did I know, I was missing out on a real treat with Duck Tales. I was able to play a large chunk of it years later at my friend, Chris's house, and it was then that I saw what a great game - and soundtrack - Capcom's Duck Tales was. Duck Tails is, for those who do not know, a game based on the Disney cartoon of the same name which follows the adventures of billionaire, Scrooge McDuck, and his nephews. The cartoon was wildly popular in the 80s and early 90s.

So, needless to say, when I heard they were making a remastered version with improved graphics and sound, I was interested. However, since it was slated to be a download, I sort of forgot about it, as, anybody who's read my other game reviews knows, I'm not in a very good internet situation and have yet to embark on my Virtual Console downloading spree. I was at the mall on Monday and, for really no reason, as I didn't think there were any good games out for Wii U that I didn't already own, I decided to walk through Game Stop. Suddenly, this gem caught my eye, and when I saw the price of $19.99, I had to snatch it (despite a rather crumby current financial state). I have no regrets for buying this, though. Weirdly, I had just started watching Darkwing Duck again for the first time in about 20 years the week prior, so this only seemed even cooler to come by.

The game is pretty much the same game as the original, only now the money you collect is used to unlock artwork and music tracks. Some secrets are made easier to find by dialogue scenes and suspicious graphics, which, while it may kill some of the difficulty, also evens out the playing field as many NES secrets were sort of unfairly obscure. The controls and difficulty, secrets aside, are about identical to the NES original. Way Forward, the team responsible for remastering Capcom's classic, also added a good deal of extra material, such as a new final stage. All in all, this short retro release packs an awful lot of content into it's seven-stage length.

The graphics are pretty nice looking. When playing the intro stage, I thought they looked sort of mismatched and awkward, but then when I saw the main stages, which boasted far superior graphics, I saw what they were going for. The backdrop paintings, which you can unlock for your viewing pleasure, are in the style of cartoon cel backdrops of the 80s and 90s, much like those in the Duck Tales cartoon. The characters, however, are outlined in black and cel-shaded, further creating the style of retro cartoons. Many of the sceneries are also beautifully designed, and the hand-drawn animation in the characters is fluent and perfectly cartoony. You really feel like you're looking at the show turned into a video game.

The sound is great. Most original voice actors from the cartoon returned, or Disney's official modern equivalents supplied the talent. Being able to hear Alan Young as Scrooge again created a strong and warm nostalgic feeling in me, as well as Terence McGovern as Launchpad. The acting was just as excellent as it was in the cartoon. The music was also great. It was new and much revamped from the 8-bit originals (which I still love) but at the same time it kept a general retro arcade sound which was a good way of making it feel like it was not changing too much. And, yes, the Moon song still sounds top notch.

While there aren't many, it's only fair to go over the flaws in the game. The only main flaw that comes to mind is the over abundance of dialogue scenes. The game is constantly coming to a halt so some dialogue can begin. I enjoyed it as it reminded me of watching cartoons like Duck Tales, but I also couldn't help but get annoyed by it after a while as it keeps slowing down and chopping up the gameplay. Luckily, you can skip all cut scenes via the pause menu, but it still takes a bit of time. It's not a major flaw, but they could have toned it down a bit. I understand why they did it, however. It creates the feel of watching the show, and, since it's a rather short game (incredibly short by today's standards) they needed to make it last longer some how to please all walks of gamers. Aside from that, I really can't think of any flaws. It's the same great game it was two decades ago.

So, yeah, I recommend picking this one up. Whether you're a fan of the original or a new gamer, give it a try, it's timeless, and it's only 20 bucks. Word is Way Forward and Capcom plan to put out Rescue Rangers: Remastered, among other possible NES revamps if this game is a big enough success. While I never played the Rescue Rangers game, this is one nerd who would be happy as hell to see the NES Darkwing Duck masterpiece remastered. Jim Cummings voicing DW again? That would be awesome. Darkwing Duck for NES, while certainly not needing a remastering to be any better being it's my favorite TV/movie-based game on the NES (Bucky O'Hare's a close 2nd) would be pretty freaking awesome, and a guaranteed purchase for me.


My series of 10 gaming bookmarks!
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Plumber Haters - Lakitu by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Dry Bones by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Dino Rhino by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Tweeter by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Chargin Chuck by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Birdo by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Thwomp by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Koopa Troopas by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Rocky Wrench by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Magikoopa by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Pidgit by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - The Bros. by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Rex by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Kuribo Goomba by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Bloober by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Wiggler by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Buzzy Beetle by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Albatoss by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Sumo Bros. by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Beezo by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Ptooie by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Blargg by BrendanCorris
Plumber Haters - Bullet Bill by BrendanCorrisPlumber Haters - Boom-Boom by BrendanCorris


"Watch out! I'm comin' for ya, Pokey!"

Me as Ness from Earthbound, Halloween 2010


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Pikalopez1 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know if you notice this,but have you notice when smash bros is announced barley anyone talks about the stages? I do love to talk about the characters alot,but the stages are also important too. So just wondering,did/do you have a wishlist for places to become a smash bros. arena?
Actually, yeah, there have been a handful of stages I've wanted since Melee. For Mario, it's Bowser's castle complete with lava, fireballs, and maybe Koopalings or Boom Boom in the background. For DKC it's, hands down, the Kremling Krew's Ship from DKC2. There could be a main arena on the deck, extra platforms to fight in up in the rigging, and maybe even a shiphold area to break open underneath (perhaps even being flooded on and off). The stage would also make for a way to include dozens of tracks from DKC2, as it had so many pirate songs, as well as even DKC 1 K Rool theme or the beach themes from DKCR. For Zelda, I just want a damn temple stage. Don't care if it's fire, forest, earth, water, shadow, wind, or whatever, but dungeons are the main playing stages of the Zelda franchise, and nothing boasts more potential for a stage with hazards than a temple or dungeon. Great Temple from Melee doesn't count in my book as it's more just the intro screen to a dungeon from Zelda 2 and never goes inside the dungeon. For Mother I'd love a transition stage that takes you to all the sanctuary spots from Earthbound in order. I'm sure there's other stages I'd like, too, but I can't seem to think of any right now. To be hypocritical of myself, though, I often hate playing in stages with hazards, transitions and extremely large sizes, so I probably would end up turning all of the stages I made up off if they were real. It would still be cool to see them, though.
Pikalopez1 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So about the hate on stage gimmicks,your glad that in the new smash you could turn off the gimmicks,but disappointed because the stages in the new game aren't ones you want to fight in(with maybe the exception of Dr.Wily's castle and the WVBA)?
From what I've gathered you cannot turn off the stage gimmicks, rather, every time you play in Final Destination it can have the appearance of another stage. I think the developers' idea that serious battles can only take place in Final Destination is pretty stupid, as a flat plane favors some fighters over others, such as Diddy, who gains a huge advantage in flat, empty stages. SSB is not built in such a simplistic way as other fighters, and flat stages are not really the best or fairest way to fight. A much more balanced version would be only Final Destination and Battle Field on.
Hidden by Owner
I'm your fan, and every time you favourites my stuff it's amazing for me!! Thanks a lot
You're welcome!
ArtofJeffHebert Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave! And awesome stuff in your gallery!
Biotype Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope you're still doing good. :)
Biotype Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome. Don't art much anymore, do you?
I still draw. I just put up two drawings last week.
(1 Reply)
Pikalopez1 Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Since nintendo recently showed off new mario kart items that'll ruin more friendships than retro studios Donkey kong country,did you even liked the mario kart franchise(I was wondering since it shows you loathe party games).
I loved the original SNES Mario Kart, and I generally liked the N64 one, but I didn't care much for the ones after that. I didn't like the Wii one at all, but the handheld ones on GBA and DS were decent. I don't hate party games, I just think there are way too many of them, and they usually seem half-assed, like they quickly just made a crappy bunch of minigames with no effort and called it a "party game" to disguise it's crappiness. If they're done well, I have no problem with them.
Pikalopez1 Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh...that's a good point about the party games being easy to make though. There are a lot of bad party games. I even notice some of the recent mario party games were rehashing old party games from the past games. What was it about Mario kart Wii you didn't like? If the main issues the Wii mote steering wheel then you won't like mario kart 8(I played a demo of it last year during best buys exclusive demos).
Yeah, I didn't like the steering, but I also didn't like a lot of other things about the game, like the over-exaggeration of luck-based play, making the whole outcome of the race void of any needed skill, as well as a crappy roster and limited playing modes. I hated how in almost every mode, battle included, there always had to be all those other CPU players and not just one on one like in the original games.
Thanks for all the Favs of My Muckman Potatohead.

You're welcome.
ManaShadow369 Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fave :hug:
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